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Vacuum Lifting

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Schmalz Vacuum Lifter Jumbo Flex

Capacities up to 50kg

Schmalz vacuum lifter Jumbo Flex is ideal for quick and ergonomically friendly movement of items up to 50kg, handling of cartons, sacks and many other products are easily moved by a single person. Its one handed operation makes it the easiest vacuum lifter to use on the market today.


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter Jumbo Sprint

Capacities from 35kg to 300kg

Models available include: Standard painted finish, stainless food grade and stainless ‘EX’ grade for use in explosion protection zones.

Schmalz vacuum lifter Jumbo Sprint is the perfect way to lift and move heavy sacks. Typically a person will have a go at lifting and a back injury will soon occur. Handling of pavers is another common issue; the Jumbo Sprint is a great way for just the one person to handle even the largest of pavers.

There is also a model for use in explosion protection zones 1/21 and 2/22 and it is certified according to ATEX 2014/34/EU standard – can be used throughout Europe without country-specific certificate.


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter Jumbo Ergo

Capacities from 35kg and up to 300kg

Schmalz vacuum lifter Jumbo Ergo has many applications and is particularly useful in handling of larger items such as MDF or OBA sheet and laminated bench tops. It is also carries on from the Jumbo Flex range for handling of heavier cartons and sacks.


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter VacuMaster Vario

Capacities from 1,000kg up to 2,000kg

The Schmalz vacuum lifter VacuMaster Vario is ideal for the lifting of steel sheet & plate and loading onto plasma cutter machines or laser cutting machines. It is usually installed with a Millsom jib crane or overhead crane.


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter VacuMaster Basic / Comfort with 90° Tilting

Capacities of 125kg, 250kg and 500kg

Schmalz vacuum lifter VacuMaster 90° is suitable for handling of many non porous products with standard capacities of 125kg, 250kg and 500kg. The typical products handled are sheet metal & steel plate, plastic sheet and laminated bench tops & boards. Fitted with glass handling pads as an option glass or windows can be tilted by 90°.


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter VacuMaster Basic / Comfort with 180° Turning

Capacities of 75kg, 125kg, 250kg and 500kg

Schmalz vacuum lifter VacuMaster 180° is suitable for handling of many non porous products with standard capacities of 75kg, 125kg, 250kg and 500kg. The typical products handled are laminated bench tops & boards but is really only limited by your imagination, the main requirement is they must be non porous.


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter VacuMaster ECO

Capacities of 75kg, 250kg, 500kg and 1,000kg

Schmalz vacuum lifter VacuMaster ECO is a self priming vacuum lifter; it uses its own weight and that of the product to be lifted to generate its own vacuum, no external power or air supply is required.


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter VacuMaster Glass

Capacities up to 600kg

Schmalz vacuum lifter VacuMaster Glass is ideal for handling of plate glass in an outdoor environment. Typically suspended from a site crane high above the ground safety is a major focus within this lifting device.

Three standard models are available in varying configurations and capacities, a 300kg unit, 450kg unit and the 600kg unit.


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter VacuMaster Light (Powered by compressed air)

Capacity of 100kg

Schmalz vacuum lifter VacuMaster Light is perfect for handling a wide range of light weight non-porous products weighing up to a maximum of 100kg. It is available in a single pad version to handle smaller products and also a 4 pad swing arm arrangement which allows for a variety of surface shapes to be picked up.


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter VacuMaster Window

Capacities of 200kg and 300kg

Schmalz vacuum lifter VacuMaster Window is suitable for handling glass windows and glass sheet (vertical).

Windows can also be rotated by up to 90° left/right.


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter VacuMaster Multi

Capacities up to 400kg

Schmalz vacuum lifter VacuMaster Multi is suitable for handling large, heavy wooden boards, either airtight or porous and has the option of tilting the board by 90°.


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter VacuMaster HHVM

Capacities up to 200kg

Schmalz vacuum lifter VacuMaster HHVM is suitable for horizontal and vertical handling of wooden boards and easy swivelling of work pieces 90° from horizontal to the right or left.

Typical applications include: Removing wooden boards from upright storage and also loading and unloading vertical saws.

In addition to our extensive range of vacuum lifting devices we also have vacuum clamping solutions.

Schmalz Vacuum Clamping for CNC Machines

Schmalz is a long-term partner of well known machine manufacturers and offer much knowledge and expertise in vacuum clamping technology. Whether initial equipment, spare parts or retrofit solutions – Millsom’s offer a large selection of high-quality Schmalz clamping equipment for your application.

Schmalz Multi Clamp

In addition to machine clamping we also have the multipurpose vacuum clamping system Multi-Clamp, Schmalz has developed a solution for the manual processing of work pieces, such as sawing, grinding, drilling or screwing.

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